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Candie Zenon
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Love thru it - Learn from it - Live after it 

Life and Nature share the seasons. In life, we go through the springs as well as the winters and all in between.  Unlike nature, life is not on auto-responder.  We sometimes need someone to come along and usher us into our next season.  The usher in our life keeps us from being stuck in areas that no longer seek to serve our purpose; hence the birth of Changing Seasons Life Coaching.  I have created live events and products that will assist single mothers in having a better grip on her faith, family, and finances.  I am not talking to you as an observer of the single mother.  NO, I am a single mother of three beautiful girls who I affectionately call the "Candie Girls".  I know all to well the struggles and hardships of supporting a family on limited resources.  Fortuanately,  I met some great people along the way that taught me a better way to do life.  My goal with this business is to help you identify resources in you and around you that will ease the stress and allow you to have your best life now!  The products and coaching will also allow you to:

*Manage Finances
*Maximize Resources
*Co-Parent Effectively

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Using a mixture of humor, mother's wit, and insight in order to teach principles on how 
to be good stewards of faith, family, and finances.

My mission is to help the single mother live above the poverty line.

Navigating the Seasons is a Life Skills Curriculum created especially for Human Services Organizations who are assisting participants in transitioning in any area of their lives.
  1. CSLC Coaching
    For Organizations & Groups
    Contact Candie now to schedule a 30 minute coaching session.
  2. CSLC E- Course
    For Single Moms
    Making Ends Meet E-Course assists single moms in creating a financial vision for their future. It is an online course that you take at your own pace.
  3. CSLC Curriculum
    For Organizations & Groups
  4. CSLC Workshops
    For Single Moms, Organizations & Groups
  5. CSLC Publications
    For Women (Planning for Marriage)
    The book "My Precious Wedding Gift" is a purity guide that addresses the single lifestyle from a woman who made mistakes point of view.
  6. CSLC Shop
    For Men & Women
    Shop online and purchase products to support Changing Seasons Life Coaching LLC (CSLC).
Live interactive workshops for Single Moms are instructed by Candie Zenon.